Broken Promise

I didn’t gather that many pictures today, so I guess now I’m lying to you on top of posting willy nilly. Wow. Autocorrect is not a fan of the phrase willy nilly. It wants it to be silly billy so badly. You wouldn’t believe the amount of effort I’ve put into typing the last few sentences. Crazy.

Instead of gathering pictures today, I put my energy into finding a new petsitter. It didn’t take an incredible amount of actual energy. It was more of an internet search and lots of texting back and forth situation, but it still took some time. We also did some work to get fully moved out of the apartment. I bet you thought we were done with that already. Nope! Told you it would be disorganized. I think we have one trip left to go for the last miscellany and clean up. Almost there.

Here are a couple of pictures that Sergio took from the Tramway hike that I meant to post that day because they are my favorites.

Making Up My Own Rules

I didn’t post again! I was aware of my decision this time though. I found myself already in bed trying to figure something out, no pictures or musings to show for our day, and I just decided it was fine to go to sleep instead. All of my Thanksgiving sleepies hit me hard yesterday. I even found myself asleep in the car at one point!

Despite my lack of evidence, we had a great day. We hiked the tent rocks trail, watched football/online Black Friday shopped, perused a thrift store, and shared a charcuterie dinner. I enjoyed it all! I just didn’t take any pictures of my own. Oops.

Speaking of Black Friday shopping, the only deal we took advantage of was for ourselves. I think we did it wrong?

Later, Retha, Rolo, and I ventured out to a thrift store for in-person shopping. I somehow managed to snag a 30% coupon from a worker so that our whole stash came in under $20. I personally ended up with a serrated bread knife, a small print by a local artist, a doll, and five books (I guess Rolo personally ended up with the doll and books, but you get the idea).

Since I am making up all of my own rules about posting everyday, I’ll round up pictures from everyone else today and do a picture post this afternoon. Somehow that will be the same as posting each day, right? Sure. Why not?

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’ve already gone out for kolaches, ridden the Tramway, and hiked three cold miles. Now we are relaxing at home with football.

I made cranberry conserve, pumpkin bread, and pecan pie yesterday. We also prepped the sweet potatoes and green bean casserole. It feels weird, but there is nothing left to be done for a couple of hours!

I hope you find that your Thanksgiving is just as relaxing, food-and-fun-filled as ours, or at least as cozy and nap-filled as Eliot’s.


I Dozed Off Trying to Title This Post.

Thanksgiving feels a little aggressive this year, right? It’s just a little SOON is all.

I’m not complaining though because it means I have one more work day this week, and a break is a welcome treat.

Here are a couple of convos I’ve had recently that didn’t contribute to my need for a break, but did make me giggle.

Conversation 1-

Student: I like your shirt, Miss.

Me: Thanks! It’s really one of my workout shirts, so I don’t usually wear it to work.

Student: You almost look fresh in that.

Me: Oh, thanks.

Student: (Long pause) Almost.

Conversation 2 in which I have just wrapped up a story about the beheading of Anne Boleyn after having gotten distracted trying to explain the backstory of the Separatists that colonized Plymouth-

Student: That was lit, Miss.

Me: I figured you would like that one. It’s a crowd-pleaser.

Students: Can you tell us stories like that more often.

Me: I have tons of stories like that if you’ll ever just let me complete a lesson once in a while.

Student: It’s so much better than when you make us work. Working just kills the mood.

Me: Of school? Studying kills the mood . . . of school? You’re in for a rough year.

Lowe’s is Our Home Now

There has only ever been Lowe’s. There will only ever be Lowe’s.

This was definitely NOT the full cart we eventually reached after nearly TWO hours at Lowe’s this morning.

Today we:

Changed closet pulls in the guest room and Rolo’s room.

Changed the doorknob in the guest room.

Halfway changed the doorknob in Rolo’s room.

Installed a new fan in the guest room.

Put up a curtain rod and curtains in Rolo’s room.

Installed a new shower curtain rod in the upstairs bath.

Sanded the stairs.

Touched up paint where these changes made it necessary to do so.

We also got Eliot groomed, went for a run, got 75% of our Thanksgiving groceries, unpacked some boxes, organized some spaces, and ran two loads of laundry.

What we INTENDED to accomplish today was painting the guest room and finishing our move out of the apartment, but daylight and energy ran out on us.

Better rest up for tomorrow’s visit to, well, you can guess.

Heating Pad to the Rescue

This is not a post about teacher’s salaries. It’s just that when this image passed by my Instagram feed earlier, I felt a deep connection to the man holding on with all his might to the shark. This morning I found myself trying desperately to help break up one of the most intense middle school fights I’ve seen. Imagine that the shark is actually a ferociously angry girl, and I’m the idiot hanging on for dear life… except with no muscles.

Some days you really earn that sardine.