Lowe’s is Our Home Now

There has only ever been Lowe’s. There will only ever be Lowe’s.

This was definitely NOT the full cart we eventually reached after nearly TWO hours at Lowe’s this morning.

Today we:

Changed closet pulls in the guest room and Rolo’s room.

Changed the doorknob in the guest room.

Halfway changed the doorknob in Rolo’s room.

Installed a new fan in the guest room.

Put up a curtain rod and curtains in Rolo’s room.

Installed a new shower curtain rod in the upstairs bath.

Sanded the stairs.

Touched up paint where these changes made it necessary to do so.

We also got Eliot groomed, went for a run, got 75% of our Thanksgiving groceries, unpacked some boxes, organized some spaces, and ran two loads of laundry.

What we INTENDED to accomplish today was painting the guest room and finishing our move out of the apartment, but daylight and energy ran out on us.

Better rest up for tomorrow’s visit to, well, you can guess.

Heating Pad to the Rescue

This is not a post about teacher’s salaries. It’s just that when this image passed by my Instagram feed earlier, I felt a deep connection to the man holding on with all his might to the shark. This morning I found myself trying desperately to help break up one of the most intense middle school fights I’ve seen. Imagine that the shark is actually a ferociously angry girl, and I’m the idiot hanging on for dear life… except with no muscles.

Some days you really earn that sardine.

Different Kind of Winter

I considered cutting our rose blooms and putting them in a vase. That felt wrong, so I didn’t. It (barely) snowed on us two days later, and then the next night we got our first hard frost. Not only are the roses done for the season, but the last remaining fall color was covering the ground the morning after this photo.

It’s okay, though, since we traded it for a (briefly) snowy mountain and open ski resorts starting this weekend! Not that we have time for that yet. There is still some moving/organizing/painting/Thanksgiving grocery shopping to be done instead.


Sergio informs me I have a typing error in my last post, but I’m going to just go ahead and leave it. Too many things going on right now to look backward!

We were always quite close to Rolo’s school, but now we are even closer. Today was her inaugural scooter commute. She made such good time that they took a turn around the park to waste a few extra minutes.

Eventually she might do this trip without an adult … but with a cell phone. She’s growing up!

And yes, the view from her school is almost ridiculously nice. It looks fake from inside.

We’re In

We’re about 90% moved into the new house! This is our first night staying here!! And ordering takeout here! Exciting. I’ll throw a picture or two at you, but understand that just about everything is still to be changed or moved or added to. Mostly added to. There is more space here than the furniture and decor we kept from Alaska can fill.

Eliot is absolutely exhausted from climbing stairs and moving heavy furniture all day. No, wait, that was Sergio and me. And even Rolo did a lot of the work.

Oh, that’s right. Eliot is exhausted from crying and whining and generally freaking out about being left behind all day.

I know nothing about our garden area, but I think it’s a good sign that we have some rose blooms to greet us. Is it rose season? Seems late?


I Missed a Day

I can’t believe I forgot to post. I think it was due to the terrible time I was having with allergies yesterday. When we finally got home from working on the house, I made myself a hot toddy. And then another one right after. Normally when I do this, I have these two little airplane bottles of honey flavored whiskey. All I had last night was an actual bottle of Jameson. I was just eyeballing amounts. I eyeballed wrong.

I was fast asleep just before 8 pm last night having made myself just a bit more than tipsy with only two medicinal beverages.

Anyway, what I meant to post were some pictures of our project progress yesterday. For better or for worse, we’ve taken the next big step in changing our stairs.

It may not be the kind of before and after photo you’re accustomed to, but a big step was accomplished in prepping for hardwood.

Sergio did all of the thinking, measuring, sawing, and hand-sawing while I ran to the hardware store/apartment for tools periodically. I also vacuumed up all the sawdust which probably had a direct connection to the accidental inebriation I caused myself later.

Today is set to be the least organized moving day I’ve ever had! We’ll keep you posted.