Different Kind of Winter

I considered cutting our rose blooms and putting them in a vase. That felt wrong, so I didn’t. It (barely) snowed on us two days later, and then the next night we got our first hard frost. Not only are the roses done for the season, but the last remaining fall color was covering the ground the morning after this photo.

It’s okay, though, since we traded it for a (briefly) snowy mountain and open ski resorts starting this weekend! Not that we have time for that yet. There is still some moving/organizing/painting/Thanksgiving grocery shopping to be done instead.


Sergio informs me I have a typing error in my last post, but I’m going to just go ahead and leave it. Too many things going on right now to look backward!

We were always quite close to Rolo’s school, but now we are even closer. Today was her inaugural scooter commute. She made such good time that they took a turn around the park to waste a few extra minutes.

Eventually she might do this trip without an adult … but with a cell phone. She’s growing up!

And yes, the view from her school is almost ridiculously nice. It looks fake from inside.

We’re In

We’re about 90% moved into the new house! This is our first night staying here!! And ordering takeout here! Exciting. I’ll throw a picture or two at you, but understand that just about everything is still to be changed or moved or added to. Mostly added to. There is more space here than the furniture and decor we kept from Alaska can fill.

Eliot is absolutely exhausted from climbing stairs and moving heavy furniture all day. No, wait, that was Sergio and me. And even Rolo did a lot of the work.

Oh, that’s right. Eliot is exhausted from crying and whining and generally freaking out about being left behind all day.

I know nothing about our garden area, but I think it’s a good sign that we have some rose blooms to greet us. Is it rose season? Seems late?


I Missed a Day

I can’t believe I forgot to post. I think it was due to the terrible time I was having with allergies yesterday. When we finally got home from working on the house, I made myself a hot toddy. And then another one right after. Normally when I do this, I have these two little airplane bottles of honey flavored whiskey. All I had last night was an actual bottle of Jameson. I was just eyeballing amounts. I eyeballed wrong.

I was fast asleep just before 8 pm last night having made myself just a bit more than tipsy with only two medicinal beverages.

Anyway, what I meant to post were some pictures of our project progress yesterday. For better or for worse, we’ve taken the next big step in changing our stairs.

It may not be the kind of before and after photo you’re accustomed to, but a big step was accomplished in prepping for hardwood.

Sergio did all of the thinking, measuring, sawing, and hand-sawing while I ran to the hardware store/apartment for tools periodically. I also vacuumed up all the sawdust which probably had a direct connection to the accidental inebriation I caused myself later.

Today is set to be the least organized moving day I’ve ever had! We’ll keep you posted.

When Is It Enough?

Excerpted from the New York Times

When a gunman opened fire at the Route 91 Festival in Las Vegas last year, Telemachus Orfanos somehow survived.

On Wednesday night, though, he didn’t.

“He was killed last night at Borderline,” his mother, Susan Orfanos, said, speaking rapidly into the telephone. “He made it through Las Vegas, he came home. And he didn’t come home last night, and the two words I want you to write are: Gun control. Right now — so that no one else goes through this. Can you do that? Can you do that for me? Gun control.”

Ms. Orfanos then hung up the telephone.

A week ago, I attended ALiCE Training for work. Luckily I was prepared for what was to come by colleagues in other states that had already received initial training. Others in my training clearly had no idea what they were walking into. It became evident when more than one stormed out crying in frustration.

I’m sure the law enforcement officer that administered our training meant well, but one of the first things we heard was that previous victims of gun violence, school shootings in particular, “did not exhibit a strong will to live” on the various days that they were slaughtered with automatic weapons by unbalanced men.

The point of federally mandated ALiCE training is to teach us to make proactive decisions (run away, fight back, throw things, hide, etc.) in dangerous situations rather than defaulting to lockdown only. Fair enough.

It also means that my daughter has already been trained by her 4th grade teacher that in the event of a lockdown, she will first hide in her cubby. If a shooter breaches the classroom, she is then to throw her shoes at them.

Please go back and reread those two sentences and really absorb that reality.

She will later be taught what the appropriate arm length distance is from a mass murderer for taking responsibility for swarming the shooter.  And how far away is the appropriate length that she can run for her life and leave others behind to do the swarming. She will be taught how to tie belts around door hinges, and which bookcases are worth climbing behind and which are not. She, like me, could probably tell you whether or not her classroom door is wooden or steel.

I’ll say it again – this is federally mandated because at some point our elected leaders decided this problem was somehow beyond them. Let’s just train the babies to fight back. Against madmen with guns. Perfectly reasonable solution.

This approach to our mass shooting problem is so clearly saving lives already.

I’m sure the family of Telemachus Orfanos will take comfort in knowing that his inability to survive a second mass shooting in two years was due to his lack of a “strong will to live” and nothing at all to do with our lack of action as a nation.


Stuff I’m…

Reading: Hahaaaaaaaaaaa. I don’t know. I’m in a reading slump. I read The Secret Garden to Rosalind. Despite the fact that the majority of the book waxes poetic about plants growing slowly, she really liked it. She liked the mystery part. Hmmm. Slow, unnecessary amounts of scenery description with a slight gothic mystery? That doesn’t sound at all like my very favorite type of literature. I’m not even remotely proud of her taste in books. Nope.

Remind me to tell her one day before she reads it again that I edited out all of the highly racist stuff that I did NOT remember.

Watching: Season three of The Good Place, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (what a very strange ride this one has been), the last season of Parks and Recreation with Sergio and Rolo because they had never seen the end.

Listening To: Season Two of Limetown!!!!! We listened two years ago, but when we heard that it was coming back with a second season, we decided to try it out on Rolo. She LOVED it! And it only scared her enough to lose sleep one time. So now we are all listening to the new season as a family.

We also recently finished listening to The Princess Bride together. It seems most of the book reading that is happening lately is actually of the listening variety.

Eating: At the moment? I’m about to eat some delivery taco pizza. Sergio also brought home Peanut Butter Pie Oreos. They taste like Nutter Butters. Works for me.

Doing: Just house stuff. I think we’re moving in on Sunday! And then we’ll just keep working on the house. I’ve got to learn things about yard care. We don’t have much to care for since a lot of it is xeriscaped and the grass is FAKE, but it is still more than we’ve dealt with before. We trimmed the bushes, but then we just sort of stared awkwardly at the clippings on the ground like, “now what?” The answer is “make your child pick them up one by one.”




I Voted…Two Weeks Ago

Because I’ve been on the edge of my seat for two years waiting for this chance. And I hope you got out and voted as well. I heard some really dumbass reasons for people not voting at lunch today, and I DIDN’T CALL THEM OUT! Because I’m a professional person with impulse control. Mostly.

I wish I had more for you today, but I have an eval tomorrow and must now stress and over-plan. See you tomorrow in what I hope is at least a marginally better country. I learned not to hold out optimism or hope two years ago though, so I guess we’ll just see what happens.


Bright Spot

I’m not going to be breaking into the home decor/DIY blogging community anytime soon. I’ve got no photography skills, as you’ll see.

While paying a painter was the greatest money I’ve ever spent, we did actually leave ourselves some work to do. Adrian painted every inch of trim, the downstairs walls, and up the stairwell. How do normal people paint those tall walls and ceilings of stairwells? It’s a mystery to me, and it will stay that way. That left us with the upstairs hall, bath, and two bedrooms.

Everything except Rolo’s room will be painted the same as the downstairs. Rosalind, on the other hand, got an equal vote in the color of her room. Her father and I could rule out her choice together, but it didn’t come to that. We spent all day (ALL DANG DAY) Saturday painting her room the shade “Refresh” aka aquamarine. Painting is for the birds, by the way, but I was ultimately quite impressed with our handiwork.

Rosalind then opted to replace the fan with terra cotta? lamps with a “fancy” light fixture. Don’t worry, Future Houseguests, we will put a new fan in the guest room.

We forgot to take before pictures, so these are of the guest room which is nearly identical. Except at some point both of these rooms had blue trim and doors. So this isn’t even the most BEFORE before picture. If that makes sense.


After photos (again, I don’t know how to capture what the colors look like in real life…much warmer and way less bright than these pictures?).


I think I’ll keep letting her make decor decisions and just see where this leads. I’m intrigued so far.