Stuff I’m…


Frasier…again – The funny thing this time is that despite her hesitation, it has totally captured Rosalind’s attention too. Now our endless looping of Frasier reruns is a family affair.

Nailed It – It took a few episodes for me to settle into this show, but Rosalind LOVES it. I’ve heard a lot of kids her age seem to really get a kick out of it. It’s cute.

New Girl – The last half season of New Girl came out in May, I think. I love it when a show gets a last season to wrap everything up neatly, and New Girl delivered.

Incredibles 2 – It didn’t have a chance up to my love of the first one because it is my absolute favorite Pixar movie ever, but it was a perfectly good movie.

Coco – We finally managed to rent this one. It was a very pretty movie with a sweet story.


I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter – Not knowing what I was going to be teaching gave me a great excuse to read a wide array of YA novels. Now that I know I won’t really need a vast knowledge of YA novels this year, I’ll just have to own up to liking them.

The Hate U Give – Another in my YA perusal.

Less – Not YA! A Pulitzer Prize winner even.

Listening to:

After continually hitting a wall with Ready Player One, Sergio told me to listen to the audiobook version he downloaded when he drove from Alaska. So I did even though my history with audiobooks has been hit or miss. One day while we were waiting to pick Sergio up from work, Rosalind started listening with me. She was completely hooked! This is a habit I will gladly indulge with her.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – We decided she might enjoy some Douglas Adams after we completed Ready Player One. We both read this in our late teens or even early twenties, so perhaps we underestimated the level of satire. She’s enjoying it fine, but the parts that make us laugh don’t always register with her.

A Tale of Two Cities – I added another audiobook to my phone for when Rosalind isn’t around. You’ll be interested to know that A Tale of Two Cities and Ready Player One have roughly the same running times of about 16 hours.


All the green chiles.

And all the Carne Adovada.

Takeout from Grubhub way too often.

Roasted and salted shishito peppers.

Saturn peaches which totally got me to buy them with their super cute exterior but won me over with the excellent peach to pit ratio.

Cotton Candy Grapes! Have you had these? You have to have these! They are excellent! I promise! I understand that they sound gross. They are not. They are also not some horrible corn syrup injected monstrosity. They are just bred to taste this way. I haven’t been able to find any more since my first bag.


Not unpacking, that’s for darn sure! Furniture still set to be delivered the morning I leave for Arkansas.

Paperwork for my new job. Lamenting bureaucracy.

Learning my way around ABQ slowly but surely. Getting used to the traffic and speed of life.

Sitting on the floor way too much. Give me my couch! My back begs you!





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