All Set Up Now

Sorry for the long absence. The reason is two-fold. First, I wake up most days with the thought, “What horrors await us in the news today?” The last couple of weeks have more than lived up to my dramatic thought processes. If you haven’t chosen at least one of the terrors to fight against recently, let me encourage you to do so. We’ve done a few different things and will continue to do so. Yesterday we took part in the nationwide Families Belong Together Rally. It felt quite a bit different than the sub-zero Women’s March from Fairbanks a couple of years ago. Notice how we found the shade.

The second, and far more lighthearted reason I haven’t posted much, is that our stuff still isn’t here. I know! That’s insane! We are scootching toward SEVEN weeks without our furniture. It is supposed to show up at our door on Thursday which is also the same day Rosalind and I go back to Arkansas for a two week visit. Just terrible timing. To add to the insult of the whole thing, our stuff has actually been sitting in a parking lot somewhere in Albuquerque for over a week already. They just couldn’t fit us into the delivery schedule until Thursday. No big deal. We’re just over here with one chair, a beanbag, one mattress, and a memory foam pallet on the floor. No hurry or anything. The point of that rant is actually just to say that I kept thinking I would be able to post using Rosalind’s little Chromebook when it finally got here, and so I just kept putting it off.

After complaining more than a couple of times that I am getting behind on New Mexico posts, Sergio went and gifted me with this snazzy little setup. 18D5F2D3-6566-4811-9057-41292928C79FThat’s right, you guys, I am typing on a little Bluetooth keyboard hooked up to a new iPad as we speak. I LOVE IT. It is SO ADORABLE! I won’t always be using a Yeti cooler as my desk. I hope.

This post will probably be short. We’ve been up to a lot of stuff lately, and I think I’m going to approach it in a couple of posts so that each thing can have the proper attention. At any rate, dinner needs to be cooked and I promised Rolo an hour at the pool, so here are a couple of quick pieces of relevant information that don’t deserve their own post but do need a quick mention.

We bought this car yesterday…  933877F9-952C-4964-A0D7-5C2DEC14EDF3

…because I accepted a job last week. Middle school social studies this time. I’m pleased with both of these developments. We waited to buy a second car until we knew if I would even be employed and needing a car each day, and then when we knew the location details, what that car needed to be like.

And the last thing worth noting is that Rosalind got back from a week at a very impressive Girl Scout Camp in Angel Fire on Friday. She showered exactly one time in the whole six days. C448AAD8-31AD-4CFF-9BE5-BA6AC62A6859

She swears that she wore her retainer every single night though.

Sure she did.

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