I started a real post the other day, but I haven’t been able to get Sergio’s computer back home since then. I’m still stubbornly refusing to post real updates from my phone, so here we are again with a non-entry.

I amend my former statement about Albuquerque heat. There is a point of “too hot to enjoy outside” here as well. This last week has taught me that anything between 98 and 102 degrees starts to feel like you are baking in a dry oven. I still stand by the fact that if you can find shade, a breeze, or be outside before 8 am or after 6 pm, it’s not just manageable but actually really nice.

We’ve eaten outside WITH SERGIO more than once! And he enjoyed himself!

Anyway, Rolo has been in a morning art camp at the Albuquerque museum all this week. I have spent most of my time dropping people off and picking them up again throughout the day. She has very much enjoyed her time in this camp. She has pulled me out of my comfort zone by making instant friends and requiring me to engage with their parents and make play date plans. Dear Future Rosalind, when you one day question my love for you because I’ve done something awful like ask you to clean your bathroom, always remember that I talked to other humans just for you and against my will. Love, Your Introvert Mom

3 thoughts on “Postlet

  1. 😂😂 Great choices! Deep freeze, dry oven, or crock pot when you’re here! All of them can be brutal. Glad Rolo enjoyed the art camp!

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