The Least Detailed Catch Up Ever

I didn’t intentionally lie to you guys the other day when I said that Sergio would bring me his computer and I would try for a longer post. Sergio did bring me his computer, but it turns out that I don’t know any passwords to anything in my life because my old work computer stored everything for me. I ended up locking myself out of WordPress for a short time, but it was a long enough time that I was too lazy to go back in and try again that night.

So here we are now.

Well, let’s see. What all has happened? Rolo and I left Fairbanks. It was a bittersweet goodbye. Alaska was very good to us and the people we knew there will be missed. I may or may not have shed a few sloppy tears in the car after we left Rolo’s daycare for the last time. On the other hand, we were happy to be on our way to see Sergio, Eliot, and the extended family that we had not seen for a WHOLE YEAR.

First things first – I reunited with this little fella. I couldn’t stop taking his picture. I’ve been on a crusade to get his weight up since he is so darn bony, and I think I finally landed on the magic ingredient. Soft-boiled eggs. It softens up his hard food just enough and masks the awful smelling glucosamine tablets that he hates. He is so happy and spry again. If eggs are bad for him, keep it to yourself. He’s eating and happy.

Later in the week, Sergio flew into town for a special event. My little baby niece, whom I swear was just a baby yesterday, graduated high school and later jetted off to Costa Rica for a month long language immersion program. Little turd grew up on us. Otherwise we had a nice visit with family in which I managed three trips to white cheese dip. These pictures are her at my graduation, and then us at hers.

Sergio, Rolo, and I then road-tripped it to Albuquerque together over the course of a couple of days. As much as I wanted to see everyone, it was also so nice to finally have the four of us back together as a unit again. We have since enjoyed a few things specific to Albuquerque (post of their own coming later), and we’ve also enjoyed some things that are simply available in slightly more cosmopolitan towns. You know, Target, Homegoods, Jimmy Johns, Whole Foods. I’m not proud, but I am pretty happy.

I’ll be back when I am less sick (I know! Again! What the heck!) to talk about Albuquerque as a place to live. I just want to know if all of you out there know that there are places you can live that are warm without being damp? Because I feel like you don’t know? Because if you knew, you wouldn’t be living where you are? I seriously cannot seem to soak up enough warmth and vitamin D. I’m not dumb enough to sit in the strong sun with my complexion, but I am outside ALL. THE. TIME. It’s so nice.


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