The Sun Also…You Know the Rest

It’s February now. I feel like the passage of January should be met with a significant change in the weather. Instead, we are still hovering right around -30 degrees. Darn it, Alaska. Quit behaving exactly like you are supposed to at this time of year!

On a pleasant note – I did NOT miss the turn to get to Rosalind’s piano teacher’s house yesterday. I have missed the turn five out of the last six weeks. Why did I manage it this time? Because the sun was still above the horizon! I do appreciate how quickly we gain back daylight.

Here, I took a picture of the sun being out earlier in the morning than usual over the weekend. Now that I look closer, I realize the time stamp on the photo says it was almost 11 am when I took this picture, so not really that early for the sun. Still pretty.

IMG_1652 (1)

Can you feel the cold in this picture? I feel like the trees are just as worn out with it as I am.

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