Let Me Life Coach You

I have advice! Lucrative advice because I am clearly winning at life in all ways.

First, however you have been eating your pot roast leftovers in the past has been the wrong way unless you’ve been doing it the way that I am about to show you. This is the ONLY way to eat your pot roast leftovers. Actually, there isn’t really a bad way to have pot roast leftovers, but this is the definitive BEST way.

These are loaded steak fries covered in leftover pot roast, gravy, jack cheese, olives, pickled jalapenos, and green onions. Be smarter than me, and put your cheese against the warm fries and gravy so that it melts. Sergio was smarter than me. He also said he would have preferred regular sized fries, but he is wrong.

Second, don’t eat these before a workout.

I DO recommend them as a great little snack at most times because I love all sour or spicy pickles (sweet pickles are a crime), but not before you go run on a treadmill for a few miles. It will give you the most intense indigestion, which is uncomfortable enough, but it will also cause you to burp spicy pickle burps at everyone on treadmills near you. Nobody wants that.

Third, just go ahead and buy yourself that second pair of sweatpants because life is too short to spend unnecessary time in skinny jeans. I mean, you should definitely wear your real pants to work or actual events, but any other time should be sweat pants, pajama pants, or overalls. Thirty-five has been the year where I have realized that I don’t have patience for more than six hours of tight clothing per weekday. Weekends are all sweats all the time. No, I don’t look good in them. No, I don’t care. But I’m also not providing photographic evidence.

Go live your best lives, guys.


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