I Lost My Point Along The Way

So now that the good news is out of the way, it’s time for all of the whining and complaining and anxiety involved with the moving process. Aren’t we all excited?

We have already started the process…kind of…sort of. We have someone coming out to give us an estimate on moving our stuff. We already know that media mail through USPS is cheaper than any estimate per pound we might get, so we have three or four boxes of books sitting around our house (and another two or three to go). They are not so heavy that they won’t go through media mail, but they are heavy enough that I haven’t worked up the gumption to put them in the car and then haul them into the post office. We also finally got around to selling our old couch that has been sitting in our garage for over a year. It sold FAST! One of those things that makes you realize you really should have done that a while ago. We also have someone coming tonight for Rosalind’s big dollhouse which actually sold faster than the couch but hasn’t been picked up yet.

Those are the only big items we know we plan to sell though. We have some small items that would make sense to sell in a garage sale, but we’ll see how I’m feeling in late April or early May for that part. I would really like to bring the rest with me. It probably makes more sense to sell everything and start from scratch, but I am so tired of doing that. I want my stuff! Stuff that I’m sure won’t fit into the next place we live, and I’ll wonder why I hauled it across two countries and question all of my decisions. But it’s my STUFF. I’ve already lived almost four years without all the stuff we left stored in Arkansas. It’s time I fulfill my hoarding destiny. We’ll see how it all pans out. I’ll keep you posted on all the nitty gritty details. Much to your chagrin.

In the meantime, some people have wondered how Rosalind has taken the news. She’s excited and worried and waffles back and forth regularly. This was not something we sprung on her out of nowhere. She has always dutifully recited the timeline that we told her from the start. We have also discussed the idea of moving like clockwork since we arrived in Alaska. We began planning a tentative exit strategy about a year ago, and have kept her aware of options ever since. As the prospect became more and more plausible, she began to be more vocal about maybe not wanting to move. So when we told her we were moving, she was just excited to hear it was back near family and friends, and relieved to no longer be wondering where and when. Periodically she’ll have a moment of regret when she has a fun time with friends or thinks too long about having to start fresh somewhere, but she’s pretty enthusiastic so far. In fact, we sold her dollhouse because she pointed to it and said, “I don’t have to take that,” without any prompting. The plan is to eventually fill that metaphorical space with a guinea pig. Metaphorical in the sense that it won’t be the exact physical space the dollhouse vacated because we’ll have moved. You get what I’m saying, right? But I guess it’s also sort of the literal space because it’s unlikely she could have a guinea pig habitat and that huge dollhouse in the same bedroom and still have a bed…….I’ve really spiraled down a rabbit hole here and can’t seem to claw my way back out.

We’re bribing our kid with the promise of a guinea pig, so she’s fine to move. That’s really what I’m saying. The move has also had an unexpected advantage in that when we told her orthodontists we will be moving, they stopped waiting for her incoming teeth month after month and instead performed something akin to having your cuticles pushed back on the half-emerged teeth and gums. It was apparently quite painful, but now there is an end-date in sight with the braces. We’re planning a sticky candy party. She’s excited.

Guinea pigs and candy parties as antidote to difficult childhood milestones. I’m going to write a parenting book.

I think this eloquent and surprising card that Rosalind made me after being in a bad mood one morning last week proves that I’m doing everything right. Right?

2 thoughts on “I Lost My Point Along The Way

  1. So happy that she is accepting the move. And yes, I’m sure you are doing everything right, just as all we parents like to believe.

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