This One Has No Direction Whatsoever

Hey, Arkansas friends and family, I hear you are colder than us today. With windchill, you guys are experiencing negative temperatures. Having fun yet?

Sorry if I’m taking a sick pleasure in this development. It’s only because I know it will be fairly short-lived for you. My friends will be having beers on sunny patios come mid-February while I am still looking outside mid-morning wondering where the sun is and whether my car will freeze into an ice cube if the outlet trips. So just let me have this moment.

Meanwhile, we’re having an unusual warm snap for January. I took Eliot out yesterday morning and he basked in the low twenty degree weather. He is old enough now that when he steps outside on the really frigid days, he can’t stop sneezing. If he starts sneezing right away, he’ll just plop himself down right in front of the door and clearly state with his body language, “F#*! you guys. This is stupid” So I’m not joking when I say he basked in the warmth. He wandered around, took a little jog, and just generally sniffed around to his heart’s content. No sneezies.


Eliot is “Sleeps On A Heating Pad” Years Old.

We spent one part of our long weekend checking out the rock climbing gym as a family. Rosalind has taken a keen interest in obstacle courses and general athleticism lately because she LOVES the Netflix show Ultimate Beastmaster. She recognized quickly that the best competitors were rock climbers. So off we went to the climbing gym.

I realized while we were there that though Sergio and I used to do this sort of thing multiple times a week, it has been at least ten years since we have done so with regularity and probably four since we have set foot in a climbing gym at all. Having kids can really warp your sense of time. If I hadn’t added it up, I would have told you I used to climb just a couple of years ago. Needless to say, I’m weak and sore in the forearm and hand area. We all had fun, but Rosalind really ate it up. Maybe we’ll find ourselves incorporating that back into our lives soon. There are lovely big bean bags in which I can rest my old, weak body while watching her. Also they have a ping pong table, and Sergio and I have always been suckers for ping pong.



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