I Wrote This Yesterday

I am sitting in my car listening to music on our old iPod that we recently found. I’m sitting here because Rosalind is attending a birthday party of a classmate. We got here at an awkwardly late time. I knew we would be late, and I warned the party parent of that fact when I RSVP’d, but then we were later than that. I had wanted to drop Rosalind off and go home for an hour or more before picking her up, but the weird time we got here made it questionable whether it was worth going home at all, so I didn’t. Now I’m watching the minutes tick away at a mind-numbingly slow pace. Why weren’t they ticking by this slowly when I was breaking speed laws all the way back from our Fairbanks appointment, huh?

I think I made the wrong decision by not going home right away. It’s definitely too late now though. I would want to be back 10 to 15 minutes before the party ended anyway, so I would not even get parked in my driveway before having to turn around. I hate awkward timing.

If you are wondering why I don’t just join the party like a normal person, the answer is that Rosalind told me she had brought a jacket. Then she said she hadn’t. As I stood chatting with other parents, I noticed the chill in the air. I offered Rolo my very long sweater, and she gratefully accepted. I walked back to the car in my tank top. It was brisk. Would anyone like to guess how many Rolo jackets I found when I checked the backseat? Three.

I would take a picture of the landscape for you to show you that not only is the air brisk but that we are fully in our fall color phase as well, but I can’t. My phone is dead. Also the reason I’m listening to the old iPod instead of a podcast or something.

This day has been marked beginning to end with examples of my failure to Responsibilitate. Rolo had her first mock meet/time trial for swim this morning. We were running a little later than I intended (still early to the meet but without time to stop for coffee first), and I worked to make sure that I had brought her competition style suit, cap, goggles, and extra underwear for afterward. Guess what I didn’t remember? A towel. Or water.

So, let’s see…

  • Missing lucrative swim supplies
  • Extra late to a birthday party (partially due to going to the wrong destination first)
  • Didn’t check that my kid had actually brought a jacket before leaving the house
  • Didn’t check that my kid had actually used her eyes to check the backseat for other jacket type items before giving up my jacket
  • Dead phone
  • Poor decision making to not book it straight home upon arriving at the party

I blame it all on having to be somewhere at 8 am on a Saturday for the first time in…uh…since high school maybe? Threw my whole day off to have to hit the ground running on a Saturday. Dislike.

Guess what we’re doing next Saturday at 8 am? Same damn thing. Is this my life now?

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