The Revisit

Guess where Sergio is? He’s in Bethel!

Well, I guess he is actually flying over lots of tundra toward Anchorage where he will then get on another flight to come backward to Fairbanks. Because nothing with Bethel is ever straightforward.

It’s been two years since either of us have been to Bethel, but per Sergio’s job duties, he is supposed to go out periodically and check on the workings of the more remote offices. How much was he looking forward to returning to Bethel? Well, he only put it off for two years.

Here is my single most favorite dispatch so far from his less than 24 hour visit to Bethel. Backstory: he went into the AC store for old times sake/coffee.

“I bought a sandwich which was labeled as a sausage burrito. It was round and clearly not a burrito, but I assumed it was a sausage sandwich. I opened it and it was a chicken and pickle sandwich.”

I know this isn’t very funny to anyone that hasn’t lived in Bethel, AK, but for me it embodies everything you would ever need to know about living there and tickles me endlessly.

I should note that Sergio emailed that information to me because AT&T does not work in Bethel. We only communicated through email and iMessages when he was in the vicinity of wifi. We also tried Facetiming when he had wifi, but that had about as good and steady a connection as you would expect.

To sum up: I am glad to have experienced living in Bethel however I don’t miss it with even the tiniest shred of my being.

Here is the stellar view from the best hotel in Bethel.



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