Easing Back to Normal

I tried to come in a with a space-filling blog post sometime around Tuesday, but it dissolved into a mess almost immediately. It has taken some serious adjustment to reacclimatize to my work schedule this year. I recognize how lame that sounds. Working! *Whiny voice: so hard!

I think there are a few things at play this year.

First, this is my 10th year in the classroom! How crazy is that? The tenth year in the classroom seems to be the one where I KNOW what I want to do. Like, I know how the room should be organized and decorated, what books I need and when I need them, how my lessons should sound and when they should occur, and just exactly how MUCH I need to fit into each day/year. That’s a wonderful feeling. It is also exhausting. I no longer need to fly by the seat of my pants because I can prepare for everything in advance. So I have. Case in point, more than one other teacher has come into my room and called me OCD. ME! I want to take this imaginary certificate proving my organizational prowess back to my 7th grade teachers and show them I turned out just functional enough to pretend I’m organized for brief spurts of time. Why my 7th grade teachers? Because they are the ones that gave me the superlative award for “Girl With the Messiest Locker.” I’m not bitter. Had they given me an award for “Girl Probably Fermenting Alcohol With Forgotten Snacks Under Mountains of Paper and Also Probably Hosting a Family of Rats Down There Somewhere,” it would have been closer to the truth than the vast understatement of “Messiest Locker.” I think they would be proud of me.

Second, we changed the schedule to a rotating block. I have only positive things to say about this schedule change, but it definitely took some getting used to at first. No single day of the week runs on the same schedule. Prep is always different. On Mondays, I don’t even have a prep. Since I volunteered for lunch detention duty first quarter, I don’t even have a lunch break. You can imagine that by the time I get home from the Monday afternoon staff meeting (of course they fall on Monday), I am not at my best as a human. It takes until about Wednesday to recover.

Third, I’m not just readjusting to my own schedule, but also to Rolo’s. She has homework, piano, social wants, scouts, and soon swim two nights a week. Her schedule alone is enough to keep a couple of people busy.

Fourth…I don’t remember. I’m sure there were more reasons. I’m tired and losing my brain function.

But enough about that. The last two days seem to have been the magic turning point at which the classes started functioning without constant intervention and instruction from me. Hence this post finally showing up. Aren’t you so glad it did? I know it’s been a real page turner.

Happy long weekend, everyone. Let’s consider donating to worthy causes. Here’s a link to places offering help other than the Red Cross. Not because I have anything against the Red Cross (though I’m aware of the controversies). I just think let’s spread the help around, ya know? I’m considering pets and diapers?

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