This Is A Stall Tactic

Back at it again! With the going to work that is. I’m probably going to go ahead and take a couple of days to readjust to the constant social interaction that turns me into a zombie after hours for the first few weeks. I’ve made you this picture post to enjoy while I go recover from two whole days with kids. Before you scoff, realize that yesterday I did not go to the bathroom from 5:30 in the morning until I got home at 4 pm because I didn’t have a single moment where I wasn’t handing out schedules, guiding students, teaching class, opening lockers, teaching kids to open lockers, helping kids find their bus, reminding kids to put that backpack back in the locker because we still had another period to go, comforting kids that were overwhelmed and on the verge of tears, and so forth and so on. I should note that though I don’t teach 6th grade, I am located in the 6th grade area of the school. It’s chaos down on this end for about two weeks.

Today I remembered to take the time to find a restroom on my lunch break. See how quickly I learn things? *Editors note: I started this post yesterday and couldn’t even make it through before I zombied out on the couch and then fell asleep in Rosalind’s bed at 8 pm. So really this is Friday’s post.*

Anyway, here are some pictures from the last week or so that aren’t Seward related. First, we hung out in Anchorage before picking up Retha and Eugenio. We spent our first night doing one of our favorite Anchorage things – lounging in a hotel bed watching tv with the air conditioner running full blast. We also ordered Indian food delivery. It was glorious.

Next, we took a day out for the Tanana Valley Fair which has become a tradition for our family during inservice week. Who doesn’t need to see a pile of baby piglets once in a while? We ate fair food, saw animals, and watched Rolo spin around and around until her tickets ran out.

We had some s’mores in the back yard while alternating between Dr. Hook and the Hamilton soundtrack. There are so few mosquitos this year. Alaska is much easier to enjoy during a low mosquito year.

And finally, we went back to work and school.

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