A Style Of Her Very Own

Rosalind has always made her displeasure at taking care of her hair well known. Repeatedly. Annoyingly. Sometimes loudly.

She told me months ago that she would like to cut it all off. I took some time to let her weigh this decision out, not because I worry over her hair, but because I never want to move too quickly on these types of decisions in case she was just blurting and would be upset with the not easily reversed outcome. She never let the idea go, and then she came back from camp on a mission. Several other kiddos at camp had pixies. She was sold.

She is thrilled. All of these different ways of wearing this style and not one of them requires the use of a hairbrush! I’m pretty sure she is wondering why all people don’t lop their hair off. It’s so much more convenient! I’ll let her discover the need for super frequent haircuts, and the miserably slow process of one day growing it back out, in her own time.  Meanwhile, there is peace at hairbrush time in the Barron household.

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