Our Week

Rosalind comes home tomorrow morning. I expect that she’ll be nightmarish for a day or two while she gets back into her normal routine. I am super grateful to have realized that there is a Facebook group that posts a few pictures every now and then from camp so that we can keep futile tabs on how she’s doing. It turns out a week without any communication at all makes me feel pretty antsy. I’ve been able to discern from the pictures the following information:

  • Rosalind has been swimming in water cold enough that she turned kind of blue.
  • They make them wear lifejackets to swim in an entirely enclosed lake location. This gives me comfort despite knowing that Rolo is a strong swimmer.
  • They warm up by a fire after swimming because the water in Alaska never really warms up. I barely made it through touching the water that came out of our water hose while we washed the car last week.
  • She got to paddle her own canoe this year instead of just going for rides with older campers.
  • Rosalind might have worn the same outfit for more than one day even though I packed her an outfit per day and even twisted each outfit component up together in her bag so that she didn’t have to make any clothing decisions. Here’s hoping that she is actually bathing and brushing teeth.

Here are the ways that Sergio and I have entertained ourselves while she is away.

  • Sergio went to work because that’s what normal people have to do.
  • I watched tv and sat on the couch and mopped the kitchen but didn’t really bother deep cleaning the rest of the house.
  • We pretty much did not cook at all. Take out and easily compiled junk food meals.
  • I went to a new dentist. I really liked her and will go back. However, I did not end up caring for the directive to have my ugly dead tooth internally bleached rather than crowned. I didn’t initially mind this directive. I just did not care for the estimate given to me by the endodontist I was referred to. If I’m going to spend as much as they told me, I might as well go bigger. Does anybody have an opinion or experience with having a front tooth crowned or bleached or veneered? The internet has mixed opinions.
  • We DID manage to go see a movie that wasn’t from Marvel or Disney or Pixar or DC! We watched The Big Sick yesterday afternoon. Thumbs up.
  • We have watched one episode of Last Chance U per night. Documentaries make me feel too many feelings. I don’t care for feeling feelings.
  • Sergio and I emailed our Senators relentlessly. In light of the news out of the Senate last night, maybe it helped? Or probably they won’t even make it to automatic response list for another month or two, but you do what you can do when it’s all that you can do, right?
  • I went back for the last bit of my spa day. The package that Sergio got for me included having my makeup done. I just went for the day that I knew I would be in town because we don’t really go anywhere or do anything that would necessitate having my makeup done. When she asked what I wanted, I told her she could do whatever. Maybe teach me a thing or two about makeup. I find the Youtube/Instagram videos of makeup transformations endlessly mesmerizing, but I don’t know how to do almost anything with makeup myself. Whatever I knew in my teens has been long forgotten in the years of barely investing time or money into makeup. Have you watched these videos? There is a whole world of contouring and highlighting and eye-linering that is basically like a foreign language to me. Anyway, when I expressed interest in contouring, she very nicely shut me right down. Apparently us Olds don’t need contouring. It’s for young babyfaced people. Instead she directed me toward concealer and highlighting. I also mentioned that I’ve been fussing with my eyebrows lately because they are too light but then uneven when darkened, and I don’t really know what I’m doing.

That was foreshadowing.

Because ohmygosh, you guys. GUYS! Did I ever get what I asked for. . .



Needless to say, I used my workout pants that I found in the backseat of the car to wipe down most of my face in the parking lot of Barnes and Noble. There was a lot of really good stuff happening with my makeup, but it’s just not me, you know?

Finally, Eliot has been soaking up the sun. He has always liked hanging on the back deck, but he often wanders off to explore our yard. This wasn’t much of a problem before we had neighbors who have three or four small dogs of their own. One of those dogs hates Eliot with a burning passion and has attacked him already. I bought a baby gate for the top of the deck, and now I can just leave that door open for him to wander in and out as he pleases.


Clearly it’s imperative that he keeps his butt in the shade at all times.

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