Golden Days

Sergio and I are pretty bad about exploring Alaska. We would like to do a better job of it, but when faced with vacation ideas, we always default to “leave the state and go somewhere with sun and warmth…or Europe.” We never say, “Oh, hey, maybe we should use this week of time and a couple thousand dollars to go see…Juneau?” It just doesn’t seem far enough to justify the cost, you know? I mean, it’s plenty far away from here, but is the experience different enough from just staying home? Probably. I dunno.

We also have other barriers to entry such as a lack of time, being afraid of getting mauled because we don’t own a gun or bear spray or any useful Alaskan gear like a snow machine or a 4-wheeler, not wanting to drive long distances on icy roads (or drive long distances in general), or just plain preferring to keep our rears on the couch with the blankets.

We DO manage to go see some cool Alaskan stuff when we have visitors, and we’re super excited that we will be going to Seward in a couple of weeks when Sergio’s parents come back. We saw Denali with them last year. If more of you would like to come visit, it really helps to motivate us to be better tourists here at home.

Anyway, the point of this post is actually about how we are trying to do a better job of participating in the stuff happening right here around us. Fairbanks just wrapped up it’s annual Golden Days celebration. As best as I can tell, this is a celebration of the Gold Rush that brought about the existence of Fairbanks. There are several events, most of which we missed. However, due to some good timing/luck, we managed to attend the Golden Days River Regatta and a portion of the Golden Days parade.

The Regatta was one in which you could come out in anything that could float and didn’t have a motor. We were surprised to learn it was also a total water fight. It was fun.

The portion of the parade that we were able to stay for mostly included very old cars, people in period costumes, and some military units. We didn’t leave out of boredom or anything. Sergio had to help judge a barbecue competition later in the afternoon and the timing required we cut the parade short. Rosalind was given four pieces of candy before we left and she couldn’t eat any of them with her braces. Oops.

Look out! We’re on fire! We’ve been to one and a half events. Maybe only one and a quarter. Not really sure how long the parade was.

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