Child In The Wild

Rolo headed off to Girl Scout Camp yesterday. This is her second year, and this time she stays all week. Eliot went along for the ride. We had to waste about 15 minutes, so we stopped down by the lake and let them play on the rocks. It was in the mid-seventies and mostly sunny when we dropped her off yesterday, but her camp luck for the weather seems to have returned today. Hopefully the rest of the week will pan out to be warm because I’m at a loss to imagine what they will do for an entire six days in the rain in the Alaskan woods. On the other hand, she did point out to us that the cabins get really warm at night if the sun is out, so maybe it’s a toss up.

I guess while she is away, the adults can play. Snort. Not really. I’m totally sitting on the couch watching DVR’d Say Yes to the Dress UK episodes. Just without the normal guilt that I should be engaging with my child. We might also go to a movie that doesn’t come from Marvel or Pixar or Disney. We are the very definition of party animals.

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