Is dis a butterfly?

Rolo and I went through her closets, buckets, cabinets, and bags last week while rearranging her bedroom. We didn’t really get rid of that much stuff, but it allowed us to reorganize a bit. During the purge, Rolo came across one of the old phones that I had never backed up to anything. We had a good time going through our pictures and videos. I have now uploaded everything I wanted to a couple of locations.

The video I am attaching below is one that I never shared because I remember feeling slightly frustrated with it at the time. I was trying to show how quickly toddler Rosalind would run through the puzzles at the library. I do have that really obnoxious side to me, I guess, that only wants to show off the best things about my kid. Instead this turned out to be a video of her taking it slow and making some mistakes and chatting with me, and I could not be happier that it turned out that way now. Listen to her! Just listen to that little voice! It melts me.

Ugh. My voice. Gross.


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