Here We Are Again

These views can only mean one thing – Rolo and I made it back to Alaska yesterday. If you can’t tell, that is looking at Eliot belly up and butt first. His favorite way to lay with me is spooned up against my stomach with his butt toward my face. This is not my favorite way to hang out with him, but since I just got home after five weeks, I humored him. 

I’ll get around to a summer post soon. There is a slight chance that I’ll get my computer back in the near future which will make this endeavor much simpler. In the meantime, I am still taking today to rest up and reaclimate to Alaska time and lots of daylight. 

This not very flattering picture is titled The Very First Plane Is Running 45 Minutes Late Due To A Malfunctioning Seatbelt And I’m Stuck On The Tarmac Cursing American Airlines Silently In My Head Because I Only Had A One Hour Layover And Now My Whole Flying Day Will Be Jacked And I’m Trying Very Hard To Keep It Together For My Child Who Is Taking This Photo To Keep Herself Occupied. 

I very rarely find cause to compliment American, but I will give them at least the credit that when they finally got us in the air, they had us parked at the gate in Dallas only 40 minutes later. I made the next flight mostly due to lucky gate placement, and we got home on time after all. I spent the whole day in a constant stress ball though and conked out at 8 pm Alaska time after having stuffed some Chinese takeout in my face while sitting on my couch in my sweats. I’m sure this was exactly the sparkling company Sergio was expecting upon my return. 

Sidenote: The gray sky you see in the top picture is not due to either dusk or clouds. It’s a thick haze of smoke blown in from fires hundreds of miles away. 

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