We are back in the U.S! I don’t know why I put an exclamation mark there. It’s not like I was dying to leave a beach house in Mexico. 

But here we are! Sorry for the silence while we were gone. I had internet access, but the downside to picking the coldest room in the house was that the internet didn’t reach it. The living space had internet, but going out there tended to distract me with scenery and ocean breezes and hammocks. Sorry. But not really. 

Our trip was marked with adventures planned and unplanned! We went swimming in cenotes, many of which we shared with multiple hundreds of bats. We ziplined, and rock-climbed, rapelled, snorkeled, and kayaked! 

We were also briefly pulled over by police while driving. Yikes. 

We also relaxed a lot. We had four hammocks and multiple lounge chairs. We had a back porch and two terraces. Our beach spot was private and we had a small pool. I napped at least twice. I read books. 

Finally, we took in some history. First we drove out to Chichen Itza and toured the ruins there. We eventually ran by the Tulum ruins as well, but most of us overheated quickly and we had to cut that trip a little short. 

Oh, and of course we ate all the food. We actually ate at home every other night. The house came with a caretaking couple and Gabriela fed us homemade meals of empanadas, fajitas, and chile rellenos. 

We also had several great meals out, but I didn’t really take note of where. I think we had Mateo’s and Oscar and Lalo’s. 

We also had really good stuff at a couple of restaurants we chose only because they were positioned to catch a nice cross breeze. At least once we all kept our feet in our seats because two iguanas came around hoping for lunch. Iguanas were everywhere, but these two guys actually came right over to us to the point of comical discomfort. We actually had four daily iguana friends at our house. Albert, Icky, and Spikey? I think that’s what we called them. The fourth had no name. 

We also saw multiple bird species, snakes, bats, some sort of red raccoon thing, and a rodent with a rabbit butt and capybara head. I could probably look this stuff up. There were also thousands of yellow and brown butterflies. 

It was a very nice time. I’ll try to throw up some links tomorrow. Oh, did I mention the shells? I’ve never seen such a beach for shells. 

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