Let’s Pack!

Disclaimer: Please ignore my unmade bed in this series. No excuse. I’ve just been doing other stuff so far today. 

We’re about to head to Mexico, and having fallen for the ease of never checking bags last year in Europe, we are using the same small Osprey packs for this trip. Think I can do it? 

This is actually considerably more than I need for a week in Mexico with access to a washing machine, but Rolo and I will also be going to Arkansas for a month afterward and I want some options if I can fit them in the bag. 


1 jeans, 2 shorts, 1 black skirt, 2 sundresses, 1 bathing suit coverup, 3 shoes, 3 bathing suits, 6 outer shirts, 2 under tanks, 1 cardigan, 1 complete workout outfit, 6 underwear, belt. 

Not pictured: 

The clothes I will wear on the plane and double as pajamas or serve additional purposes (joggers, long sleeve shirt, tennis shoes), toiletries, additional pair of shoes I hope to take if room, a bra because I forgot until later. Also just off camera? 

A pretty hacked off fella that was pretty sure we already traveled recently. 

How’d I do? 


Pants and shirts: 

All three bathing suits, underwear, shoes, and belt:

Dresses and sweater:

Is there room to spare? 

I get that additional pair of shoes! The top pocket is my toiletry space. 

I don’t know why I get a kick out of economy packing, but I do. Sadly, this guy was less pleased by the process when he realized he didn’t have a spot in the bag after all. 


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