Her Social Calendar

We’ve officially reached the age where I no longer have to come up with creative ways to pass summer days with my child. She can take care of that all by herself thank you very much. Here’s just a smidge of what Rolo has going on so far. 

She has a few science projects going…

She asked to measure the rainfall.

And her activities include an impromptu (very) picnic at the playground followed by some very serious weed arranging. We found out late last week that several of her school friends go to a daycare that take them to this playground daily. Now she directs me here every chance we get. 

Speaking of friends, she saw some of those same friends when we went to Wonder Woman on Saturday and she SAT WITH THEM! I legitimately thought I had a few more years before that happened. At one point she got up in the middle of the movie and whisper yelled “BATHROOM” at us two rows behind her, but the sound startled everyone in the theater. 

Rolo also took it upon herself to get her “BFF’s” phone number when we ran into her and her mother at the library last week. Now we have a play date on Wednesday. 

I still have a checklist of activities she has to accomplish each day, but I have pretty much officially become the chauffeur/chaperone. I don’t know how to feel.

Meanwhile, Eliot is dealing with summer exactly how he handles every single other day of the year.

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