What We Ate

We go to Vegas for three reasons. 1. Sun 2. Convenience 3. Food. 

Yes, there are thousands of vacation destinations on my mental list that I would love to get to at any given time, but few are as easy and convenient for us here in Fairbanks as Las Vegas. So let’s talk about what we ate because that is always my favorite part of any vacation. Presented in order of meal times, not enjoyment. 

Breakfast –

The Egg and I

This comes up as the number one off strip breakfast option in most searches and for good reason. The menu is vast. It ranges from traditional American options to Mexican and Hawaiian options as well. Sergio was the winning order with green chile pork Huevos Rancheros, but we all had excellent food. 

Hash House A Go Go

Popular, multiple in-casino locations, and good food. I feel like it’s popularity might have more to do with indulgent size to price ratios  than over the top taste but definitely not a wasted meal. We paid less for this meal than we do an average Fairbanks breakfast and literally any one of our plates could have fed the entire family. 

Crown Bakery

I’m going to call this my favorite discovery of the trip, but I realize that my “discovery” is the top google search for “best bakery in Las Vegas,” so not really a discovery. This bakery is in Chinatown and worth driving to. Most of my favorite Vegas places and activities are off strip. Rent a car. We tried several more things than are shown here.


Lunch –

In n Out Burger 

Single biggest reason we vacation west coast. Finally got a chance to order secret menu items. Animal style burgers, neopolitan shake, root beer float. Yum. YUM! 

Lunch or Dinner – 

Dragon Noodle

Perfectly good Chinese food that you can walk right into without planning ahead. 


After a few days of fancy food, I was dying to indulge my craving for wings and other fried things. I have such a secret soft spot for Hooters wings and Lots a Tots. I’m so glad my friends were happy to indulge me in this craving. Don’t judge me. 

China Poblano

We ate here the last time we were in Vegas and loved it. It was still very good, but the item that stood out in my memory was no longer on the menu. There was also a rare full miss with one thing we ordered at the table (fried potatoes with mole sauce – just bland) which was a bummer. Unexpected highlight: lotus chips appetizer. I really recommend the China side of China Poblano to the Poblano side. Or to put it more simply, it’s all good, but the Chinese food is better than the tacos. 


You can’t go wrong with one of the top restaurants around! I wish I had ordered more steamed pork buns, but the ramen was also great. My favorite thing turned out to be the roasted shishito peppers appetizer. Not that anything was better than the roasted pork belly, but the peppers were just so pop-able. I want more! 

Libertine Social

This was my favorite meal of the trip. We ate off of the “boards” portion of the menu. Cheese plate, sausage plate, pretzel and fondue, and the thing that made me happy to my core, a Parmesan, egg, and black truffle pizza. So decadent and rich. This restaurant was in our hotel or we might not have found it, but it deserves to be widely known.

Dessert –


Rosalind’s top request for places from the last trip that she wanted to return to. We got a variety of chocolates for the week and made two trips here for ice cream.

Momofuku Milk Bar

The dessert side of Momofuku. Everything we tried was excellent. 


A chocolatier on the strip that takes their chocolate from bean to bar on site. They give you a tasting just like a beer or wine flight. I don’t appreciate dark chocolate and so mostly observed the others, but it was a fun experience. Rosalind also had a red cream soda ice cream float from here because there is no such thing as too much ice cream on vacation. Right? 

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