Different Sorts of Achievements

As a teacher, I know a thing or two about not rewarding negative behaviors which is why it came as a surprise to me that the response from my husband when I destroyed my truck through calculated neglect was to say we should buy a new car. Like a new new car. Not a new to us car. Guys, meet Blue-baru (name change likely). 

She’s so fancy! There are so many screens to contend with that I have to mentally prep myself on which things control which screens before I take off. I gave up on the SIX manuals and watched two very helpful YouTube clips in order to set the clock and sync our garage door to the car. Most importantly she’s AWD, under warranty, and has two buttons that mean if she breaks down, it’s someone else’s problem for a change. Adulting so hard! 

In other weekend news, Rolo’s piano teacher gave her a trophy for Achievement in Excellence (hard work) over this piano season. Rosalind was very pleased. 

Oh, right! Rolo and I are also officially on summer break now. Woot. 

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