Things That Are Happening

Nothing quite puts a damper on counting down until summer like receiving the gift of a lay-off notice on a bright shiny Friday morning. Granted, I had been forewarned. I can’t even take it as personally as I would like to since it is literally every non-tenured person in the entire district and will soon be followed by some as yet undetermined number of tenured teachers as well.

Now my yearly countdown to being able to sleep in for a spell lacks the usual excitement. Turns out that sleeping in is only fun when it’s a finite good.

I don’t really write about work, and I’m not really writing about work now. This just veers over into “Life Events” pretty spectacularly. I felt I couldn’t avoid mentioning that I won’t have a job come May 20th on the blog. There is a chance that being laid off could result in a domino effect of other new life events at some point and you needed some warning. It could also be that eventually the legislature will get tired of using teachers as pawns in budget negotiations and my job (or some job) will trickle back down to me before too long. I’m not sitting around waiting in the meantime. Instead, I am sometimes manically applying for jobs and checking on other teaching licenses, and other times I am taking impromptu naps. It’s a real either/or situation.

Since I don’t know any additional information at this point, and have no word on when I will know more information, let’s move to a silly anecdote about my kid.

On the way home from Girl Scouts yesterday, I started singing the opening lines to “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid under my breath. When I got to “wouldn’t you think I’m a girl, a girl who has…everything,” Rosalind yelled for me to stop. Our exchange was as follows.

Her: Stop!

Me: What? Why?

Her: She doesn’t have everything!

Me: What doesn’t she have? (Fully expecting it to be legs or a prince)

Her: She doesn’t even have a SHIRT! Or PANTS!

Me: Snort.

Rosalind Cate – Pragmatic since 2009.

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