Weekend List

    • I pretty much lost my voice due to an uncategorized general snottiness. Perhaps it’s low grade allergies, or perhaps it’s a low grade cold? Either way, I don’t feel sick or even allergic. There is no aching or red eyes or anything that tells me what is happening. It’s just that I cough a lot and get exhausted from my cracking squeaking voice by the end of the day. Everyone else feels beyond exhausted with my voice. I have been told to stop talking by everyone. I’m sure because they care about me a lot and not because they can’t stand it anymore.
    • I worked out both days anyway! I am bragging.
    • I ate a lot of comfort food though. Not bragging.
    • I also took my kid to the March for Science! My participation in this rally felt more connected to education in general than science in particular. I think that was a common draw for many people based on some of what I heard around me. My entire profession is based upon teaching future generations to gather information, think critically, and use evidenced based reasoning. What do I tell them when an entire nation is turning away from basic intellectual practices because it doesn’t fit with their preconceived worldview? So though I didn’t feel the same sense of rage that spurred my involvement in the Women’s March, I felt it was still important to lend my body and voice to this march as well.
    • Rosalind went because she likes science! She would like to be a scientist. The type of scientist changes regularly. She had a great time because the weather was lovely, lots of people were there, and organizations gave out cool stuff like free donuts. She was disappointed there was less chanting this time.
    • After having gotten stuck in line behind 4 million teenagers ordering a Unicorn Frappuccino, and watching the poor baristas have to tediously make the technicolor drink that takes 4X as long to make as anything else, I vowed I wouldn’t bother trying one. However, on Sunday, our local Starbucks had samples out. All three Barron’s feel that the Unicorn Frap is quite disgusting. Not even the 8 year old could be convinced to take a second drink. It’s like, uh, sweetened sour cream mixed with sour candy? Bad aftertaste too.
    • We had this legit ham, brie, and arugula sandwich. I’ve always thought I preferred a grilled version, but this turned out to be my favorite iteration. I want more right now. Sergio can make a mean sandwich.
  • Ham and Brie Sandwich
    • We also decided to make double decker tacos at home. I actually highly recommend doing this even if it feels silly because then you can feel like a kinda gross person in the privacy of your own home instead of publicly at Taco Bell.
    • BIRBS! We’ve been seeing some evidence that the migrating birds might be around, so we stopped by Creamer’s Field on Saturday. They were there! Ducks, geese, and swans at least. Plenty of other types will show up eventually, but there were still hundreds upon hundreds of birds to watch. Going to Creamer’s Field feels different every weekend because of how the snow melts. Right now it looks like a wetland full of ponds pushed right up to the fence. The birds get right up close to you and it’s fun (if a bit mean) to watch them spend the morning falling through the melting ice or squawking off interloping males trying to win away the females. Next week the area by the fence could be grass and the water will be more toward the middle. The cranes may have shown up by then. You never know. Rosalind had the best time on Sunday trying to get as close to the ducks as she could to take some pictures. She was very quiet and stayed very small and the ducks totally hung out right with her. Eventually some kids having less luck (because loud) came and joined Rosalind. She dutifully shushed them as they came close and everyone got a nice show.
    • Finally, Rolo and I sat on the porch and watched Sergio grill. It wasn’t really cold enough to be wrapped in a blanket, but when faced with the choice of cuddling in a blanket or not cuddling in a blanket, cuddle in a blanket.

Rolo and mom on porch

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