Easter 2017

Our Easter Day shaped up to be a very chill and pleasant day at home. We made a terrible/wonderful discovery when we decided to spend 8 hours smoking a pork belly. Possibly the most decadent food item I’ve ever eaten. Rolo and I also made apple and cherry hand pies on a lark. Don’t judge the appearance. I’ve never made them and pretty much winged the whole thing. Pretty tasty! We had so much leftover filling that I went on to make cherry applesauce. I feel so homemaker-y. 

Rolo, of course, had a visit from the Easter bunny. Alas, he was relegated to hiding things inside again this year due to below freezing temps. Still. In mid-April. Forgive Rolo’s wet hair. The Easter bunny has never quite figured out how to hide eggs without the aid of making Rosalind go get showered and dressed. She always has wet hair in the Easter hunt pictures. 

I hope your holiday was as relaxing and pleasant as ours! It’s hard to say who was happiest with the pork belly, but I’m willing to give that title to Rolo. This is her savoring an end piece in her cat jammies.

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