Not A Lot To Say

Nothing new to report here. It’s probably not worth writing a post, but I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to find something to say somewhat regularly. 

Rolo and I finally found some time to go see Beauty and the Beast this weekend. I had heard a lot of reviews that ranged between “meh” and “yuck.” It really dampened my enthusiasm for the whole thing. Let me just say, I had a great time! Perhaps the problem lies in these Disney movies not really needing live action remakes, but there is nothing wrong with the remake itself. 

Rosalind LOVED it. It occurred to me about a quarter of the way through that she hasn’t seen the original enough to internalize the story, so for her, much of the story was a surprise. At the point in the story that Belle gets a chance to run away, but then Beast saves her from wolves, Rosalind literally turned to me with her hand clasped to her chest and said, “I have very mixed feelings right now.” Rosalind visibly FELT the action of the movie. I had the best time watching her watch the movie. Not to mention the probably 20 year old military guy that sat alone behind us and seemed to be having the best time too. He genuinely enjoyed himself so much that it increased my enjoyment of the movie too. 

Not the best pic. We went straight from the gym and I hadn’t even quit sweating yet, and Rolo has soft pretzel in her mouth. It’s the only one I took though. 

The only other news to report would be that we finally broke out the grill yesterday, and lo, it was good. Still piles and piles of snow on the grass, but spring in many other ways. 

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