So, It’s April Now

It’s that time of year! The time of year when I start counting down the days until Summer break! There are 7 weeks to go! I just looked at my calendar and realized there are even less full weeks than that! 6 and a half! 45 total days! 33 school days with students! Nice!

I’ve had a really chill year, so don’t take my countdown as any indication of wishing the year away. It’s just entirely a countdown toward not setting an alarm and then eventually the beach.

It hit 51 degrees here on Saturday and Rosalind took full advantage. She played on the back deck, about half of which is completely clear of snow while the other half supports a snow tunnel she built up a few weeks ago. She spent her time blowing bubbles, finding old sidewalk chalk, and carting toys to and from her play space. Then she took it upon herself to go down into the backyard and dig up her campfire chair from the snow, clean it off, dry it up, and place it on the back deck. She then set herself up with a book and some juice and stayed there reading for a long time. It was great. Never mind the fact that it was probably her body’s way of telling her she is in dire need of naturally occurring vitamin D.

It never got quite that warm again, but it seems that we are finally hitting spring. It even rained on us yesterday. I am so beyond ready to see grass. Unfortunately, the first step in Alaska is to see all of the discarded trash and dog poop emerge from the snow pack. THEN you get to see grass. To put it simply, this is not the prettiest time to come visit Alaska, but it is full of hope! And sunlight!

I don’t have much else to share since our weekend activities were pretty much limited to going to the gym and the grocery store. You’ll be thrilled to know that I got a great deal on curtains! I also bought some new perfume. We don’t just fun shop much, but there are a few stores around town that can make you feel like you are having a normal Saturday just about anywhere. Sergio and I are also both working through a program to increase our running distances and speeds. I ran enough this weekend that my legs and rear end are both hurting as I sit here doing nothing. That’s good, I guess?

When you aren’t surrounded by any (pleasant) spring color in nature, you create your own. I cleaned out my classroom sharpies during prep the other day and then realized I had created something very friendly by accident. Rosalind wanted badly to make a tie dye cake for her at home birthday. She was adamant that it be spring colors that she mixed up herself. Enjoy.



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