Party In Here

When you live in Alaska, and your birthday is in March, and it’s still very snowy and cold outside, you gotta have your birthday party inside. Nobody said it can’t look and feel as close as possible to a backyard party though! This is called the turf room at our local gym. It’s a giant fake yard filled with balls, goals, hula hoops, scooters, AND A BOUNCY CASTLE! I mean, not on an average day, but it is when you schedule a party. 

It went well and now I can come down from my pre-party anxiety! 

The party attendant let Rolo and her last guest help put away the bouncy castle by stepping, jumping, and rolling over it. This may have been the highlight of the party for these two. 

As an aside, I tend to overdo the whole prepping for a kid’s party thing and usually go nuts with food. This year I chilled out and went to Sam’s Club 45 minutes before party setup and ordered four pizzas. They were ready in the time it took us to pick out cupcakes, bottled waters, and juice boxes. Recommend! 

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