This post is primarily for my mother-in-law because she would have liked to have gotten a better view of a moose this past summer. I’ve been hoping to get some pictures at the very least, but I am either in the wrong place or the pictures are so distant as to be useless. Today I finally had some success. 

This guy is in the driveway next door to Rolo’s piano teacher’s house right now. 

What I failed to notice was that his mommy was chilling RIGHT NEXT TO MY TRUCK the whole time I was stalking her baby. 

Okay, so maybe not as close as it felt, but it’s weird not to notice something so big. 

They were still around when Rolo and I headed home, so she got her closest encounter with moose yet as well. She was pleased. 

One thought on “Wildlife

  1. Thank you Dawn, I am so excited you guys got to observe them. i haven’t given up yet, when I go again God Willing I hope to see one in person myself. I think they are beautiful.

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