How to Spring Break

What does Spring Break look like for a teacher and student with no plans? Kind of boring but nice all the same.

On Monday: We were back at the orthodontist because Rosalind’s palate expander had come loose. Lo and behold, it had actually TORN at both solder points. She had to go through almost the whole thing again, including the horrible plaster cast portion, to have a brand new expander placed. On the bright side, I had time to study the original pictures of her mouth from just three weeks ago, and she has made a ton of progress already.

Rolo at ortho

Tuesday: We did a slow clean of parts of the house. Not the whole house because it’s my BREAK! I’ll get around to each room before Friday night because that is when our babysitter is coming over and I have to pretend we don’t normally live in borderline squalor (we don’t, mom. Promise). I also discovered ten new episodes of The Great British Baking Show have been added to Netflix. I watched exactly one on Tuesday. You have to savor them. I took Rolo to the NP craft store and let her pick out some stuff to keep her occupied. She did not fail in that task.

Rolo and Francine

Her name is Francine. She is even fancier now than in this pic.

Wednesday: I finally got my Alaska driver’s license! Let’s not discuss how long ago that should have been done. We also went to lunch with Sergio since he doesn’t get time off work for no reason (which Rolo does NOT understand). I saw my teacher neighbor at lunch and the administrative secretary at the DMV. Fairbanks is really just the teeniest small town. If you are keeping count, I voluntarily drove myself into and around Fairbanks TWICE already this week. Wednesday also included buying some birthday party supplies, having Cold Stone, and a midweek visit to the gym. Busy day!

Thursday: Back to the slow cleaning. First, I cleaned the kitchen again. That was the same room I cleaned on Tuesday. It seemed easy to do since it was already clean. Rosalind and I then tackled her room and bathroom. That took some time. I wanted to use Spring Break to not only generally clean, but also to donate outgrown clothes and shoes and toys. That last part was a fail, but I blame the weather. It’s still starting out in the deep negative temperatures each morning, and it doesn’t yet seem like time to spring clean. We got out of the house so I could run by work for a bit but ended up playing at McDonald’s (I tried my first ever Shamrock Shake. Meh.), going to the library for more books, and taking part in a puppet making craft first.

Friday: I dunno! It’s not Friday yet! We might go back into town for a THIRD time. It’s Spring Break! Let’s live it up with more trips to the fancier grocery stores and more Shamrock Shakes! Or I’ll probably finally clean the downstairs of the house. A whole week seems like enough time to devote to that task.


One thought on “How to Spring Break

  1. So happy you two got to spend some good quality time together, Rosalind is growing up so fast. She is such a Soldier in the exspander ordeal, I am so proud of her, love you both, hope you get some spring like weather soon.

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