Almost Couch Time

We’ve been pretty busy lately by Barron standards. We’re just now coming up for air. I feel I need to give the caveat that Barron standard busy is a pretty normal level of activity for other humans. I’m just not a person that can be constantly obligated to be places and do things. I need recovery couch time between obligations.

As of Tuesday, basketball season is over for Rolo and Sergio! As of tomorrow, my fundraiser participation is very nearly over at school!

Updates on both:

Rolo’s team improved so much over the season. It was great to see them learn skills and rules and implement them all. There were a few teams that were equally matched to their skill level and a few that could basically walk all over them. Our tournament match-ups were unfortunately made up of the latter and we ended the double elimination tournament in exactly that many games. I think Sergio did a great job coaching and kept it fun for the kids all season. I think he is also super glad that basketball season is over.

My fundraiser team made the finals, so there is still at least one game to be played on my end tomorrow. I imagine it is just one game because my fellow adult team member blew out his knee the weekend after we qualified, and two of my student players are leaving for Spring Break today. I just don’t think we can get very far three people down. It’s okay, though! My biggest focus was raising money for our charity. My team has made $1,600 so far! I have no idea how long this link will last, but this is a news story to give you a slightly better idea of what my school pulls off each year. If you know just exactly where to look, I make a brief appearance. My team is maroon.

Starting tomorrow night, our obligations are just back to normal! Not to mention that Rolo and I are on Spring Break next week. We have no plans to do anything at all except clean and organize the house and hope that the temperatures decide to act like it’s actually March instead of January. Please. Please please please start getting warmer, Alaska. Please. It’s SPRING in other places!

2 thoughts on “Almost Couch Time

  1. well if it is any consolation , it is supposed to snow here this weekend. So we might get our winter in March. So glad you all get to relax now. I know Rosalind will always remember her dad as her coach and will cherish the memories.

  2. Our Children all Need Great Teachers Like You

    You once had a choice
    And you chose to teach
    And every day
    It’s our children you reach

    You make the difference
    In the life of each child
    Those that are quiet
    And those that are wild

    It’s the way that you teach
    You do it so well
    They look up to you
    And think you are swell

    You teach from your heart
    That’s plain to see
    They think you’re divine
    And we all agree

    Please never forget
    And remember it’s true
    Our children all need
    Great teachers like you

    We appreciate you
    And we value your time
    And if you should forget
    Please re-read this rhyme

    Keep up the good work Dawn

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