Sorry to Cause Alarm

Rosalind is totally fine! She was probably fine before I had a bit of a parental responsibility meltdown with my last post, but let me assure you, she is totally fine now.

I was correct the other day when I said I thought she might be eating her first full meal with her expander on, and that ended up being the turning point. As soon as she got past the hunger and frustration, she went right back to normal Rolo (now with slightly less ability to say the “R” sound).

All is fine in the Barron household! I appreciate you all indulging my freak out over the orthodontic developments. The only thing I learned and could offer to anyone experiencing this in the future is that when the orthodontist tells you your kid will adapt in 3 – 5 days, it will take the full five days. Just relax and wait out the five days before writing your own blog post.

Since we were all sick or uncomfortable (or both) going into the weekend, we decided the best use of our weekend would be to stay entirely holed up inside our house. I think this was the best decision we have made in a while. We have all emerged healthier and more relaxed on the other side. While I spent my weekend sporting a variety of pajama combinations, Rosalind decided to dress the whole thing up a bit. Nothing like a little summer dress for inside while you get another half foot of snow outside.



One thought on “Sorry to Cause Alarm

  1. Dawn , Thank you so much for putting this one up, I was really worried about her. But when I see that smiling face, well let me just say all the world is right again. Praise God

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