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When we first moved into our house in North Pole, I decided that the very first thing I wanted was a kitchen table. I think it came from a mixture of wanting to make sense of our strange floor plan and thinking that we could probably get a good table long before we got better living room furniture.

Have I mentioned the strange layout of our home here before? We rent what was once the owner’s unit of a house turned duplex. We have a lot of nice amenities on our side, but a funny layout to better maximize the spaces on each side. The weird things about our house include: white ceramic tile throughout the WHOLE place which is a cleaning nightmare. Our living room is a long, thin former garage that is also sunken. We have several outlets on our ceiling and high up on our walls. Instead of a kitchen off the living room, the other downstairs space is our bedroom, bathroom, and laundry area. Upstairs we have a kitchen with enough additional space to be almost a kitchen/living room combo, but not quite. Then we have Rolo’s room, bathroom, and two spacious closets to finish off the second floor. It’s just all a bit odd.

It took us a year to figure out how to best maximize the living room space and now I really like it. Just this week we seem to have finally gotten our kitchen organized in a way that suits our daily needs. The reason is because we have a TABLE! That’s right, it only took us almost two full years to get that done.

We just couldn’t find a table we liked. Each furniture store here carried the same brands and styles and charged the same amount. Nothing suited us and the prices seemed not to match the quality at all. The styles available also didn’t appeal to us much either. As we have so often done in the past when faced with this sort of conundrum, we decided to build one instead.


As you can see, we went straight modern. I love the clean lines. We found the table legs we wanted through a specific online metal leg store but balked at the shipping. We then found the same legs through Amazon and used our Prime for shipping. Always check Amazon! The top is exactly what you think it is! We bought one sheet of plywood and had Lowe’s cut it to size for us. The tabletop is two layers, finely sanded, and coated three times with Minwax Polycrylic Satin. We even have enough leftover wood to make a bench for our entryway. The chairs also came through Amazon. I completely love them and am very impressed with the quality.

The three of us couldn’t be more pleased. Now we can eat dinner on the couch as a treat instead of as the norm. We all have enough leg space and can sit around the table instead of in a straight line at the counter (I usually moved my barstool around to face my family and dug my knees into our cabinetry). And most importantly, we have the best space for Rolo’s favorite thing in the world – family board game time. She beat us both at Sorry again last night despite a three day raging fever.


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