What Jerk Brought Germs to Alaska?

UGH! I can’t get this family healthy. I actually thought to myself around Thursday, “hmmmm, I think we finally have everyone healthy now. I’m so glad that Rosalind didn’t get it any worse than she did.” It turns out that Rosalind simply had not gotten it ever. I remember now that I thought her yakfest at school a few weeks back was food poisoning, and I guess it was. She spent the morning having the worst reaction to being sick that I’ve ever seen her have. Very weepy and whiny and frustrating. Her throat hurt and her head was miserable and there was some ill-defined refusal to eat because it made her feel “weird and bad.” So then about an hour after getting just enough food in her belly to justify some Advil, I found myself cleaning up vomit from the daybed in the kitchen all the way to the bathroom in her bedroom. It was everywhere yet strangely…clear…and hard to track down. So while everyone we know is going down with either the stomach or the snot, Rosalind is overachieving and doing both. Better luck for us next week, I hope.

Other Rolo news: She made her first shot in a game on Saturday. She was very excited, of course. It was a good shot, not just a throw it up and hope. She would have made some before now except her instincts clearly tell her to PASS THIS BOMB OFF TO SOMEONE ELSE BEFORE IT EXPLODES every time it is passed her way. Her little team is improving so much. It’s fun to watch. On my end, I sat behind another mom this week. She brought her month old twin girls to the game. This development caused me to keep my mouth closed and not offer ever so helpful yelled instructions at my child throughout the game. Stuff like, “Where is your man?! Dribble! Shoot! Get open!” It turns out that my instinct that my yelling wasn’t helping my child was correct. I was even able to see and hear another child dealing with a mother doing the same thing to her. I learned so much. Hopefully I grew as a person and will keep my mouth closed from here on out. Or at least maybe those tiny sleeping twins will be around for every game from now on.

She had Thinking Day with her Scout troop on Friday night. She hasn’t gotten to attend normal Scout meetings since Christmas because of basketball, so I’ve been trying to make sure she gets to everything that doesn’t fall on Tuesdays. This event is a chaotic nightmare that causes me to have crowd anxiety, but she loves it. Her country this year was Madagascar.


Last night we watched the first episode of Planet Earth II (BBC America). Rosalind loved it as much as we expected. It’s not easy for us to find good television that pleases the whole family. Or maybe I should rephrase that to say that we can’t find appropriate television that pleases us all. If you are looking for stuff to appeal to you and your children (and make you feel like at least you aren’t making your kid, like, way dumber with your tv choices), we can recommend the following:

White Rabbit Project  (Netflix) – If Rosalind didn’t have limited tv time, she would have binged this in one or two days.

Outrageous Acts of Science (Science Channel)

Abstract (Netflix) – We’ve only seen a couple of episodes, so don’t blame me if the whole series isn’t appropriate.

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