What’s Going On? Not Much.

Sorry about the random non-sensical post yesterday. I had reached the point where I knew if I didn’t write something then I would look up soon and realize it had been six months since I had last posted. It’s a blogging rut.

Since I am in a rut, we’ll just do an update.


Today is the day that we read chapter 9 of The Outsiders in each period. Johnny just keeps dying over and over again. Students keep dropping or flinging or slapping their books down at the end of the chapter. I watch their faces register that this book just entered their forever memories in a way other books won’t. And the poor things don’t even expect what’s waiting for them in chapter 10. It’s a good day.

I am in charge of a team for this big fundraising event my school does. I was also one of the adults for a team last year, but I wasn’t the most adulting adult on the team and therefore felt somewhat less stress. Not enough that I didn’t donate almost every dollar my team donated from my own pocket so we didn’t look terrible, but still somewhat less stress. This year I am really trying to help them figure out ways to make money for their charity creatively. I suck at this. It’s the part of being a cheer coach I hated the most too. I see all the other teams fundraising ideas and I just want to steal them. With 13 teams all vying for charity dollars, original ideas are scarce. I somehow think my pockets will end up bearing the brunt of this lack of creativity again this year. Anybody out there feel a great desire to donate to my team which is raising money for the Shriner’s Hospital Transportation Fund? I’ll mail you a maroon and gold hair bow of my own making or some other cheap homemade sellable item we figure out in the next two weeks!


Weather and other unexpected events have kept Rolo’s basketball team from playing recently so not much to report there. I think she is still enjoying it though I would say she also takes after me in the fact that she enjoys practice much more than games.

Rosalind’s Layers of the Earth project is now (or soon to be) on display in Juneau at the capitol building. That’s cool. Before you think I’m flat out bragging, I need to tell you that every student in the class (that turned in the project) put their names in a hat and the five names that came out had their projects sent to Juneau. Rosalind is fully aware of that and totally thrilled either way.

She got the rubber band spacers on her molars last week to make space for the palatal expander. She dealt with that part like a champ and only experienced discomfort the first day. She is due for the expander and possibly the first set of braces next Tuesday. Let’s hope she adapts to all the new equipment just as quickly as the rubber band spacers.


Nothing new to report about Eliot. He was pretty excited yesterday when the temperature reached 35 degrees. 35 DEGREES! His afternoon jaunt outside took a lot longer than it has in months while he wandered around happily. I hope the warming trend continues because he has almost worked holes all the way through the soles of all of his winter shoes. On the other hand, it rained yesterday which  makes for scary roads.


He had a cold last week. It was the hardest I’ve seen him go down with a cold in the almost 16 years that I’ve known him. I was supposed to take over his basketball coach duties while he was sick and I wasn’t very enthusiastic (nice, kind, or understanding) about that prospect. The game was canceled unexpectedly on Thursday night and it was the best canceled plans we’ve experienced in a long time.

He is feeling much better now. It’s like between us we shared the flu. I got all the stomach part. He got all the snot. We both ached.

Otherwise he is very busy with work and that topic is rightfully off-limits for blogging, but I think it’s going just dandy.


Check out the eagle that has made this light post in the Safeway parking lot in North Pole his new hangout. Notice that blue sky. The sun is coming back!


Here is Rolo’s Valentine’s Lemon Butter Layer Cake Sprinkle Delight!


If you wondered why we didn’t provide our child with Valentine’s chocolates and candies as per holiday tradition, the answer is that the grandparents have it covered.


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