Valentine’s Stream of Consciousness

It’s Valentine’s Day! Tuesday is a rough day for this holiday, even for people like us that barely acknowledge it as an event. I remembered last week to let Rosalind pick up some boxed valentine cards. She chose Star Wars with tattoos. We remembered last night to fill them out! And to buy some treats to share at her little class party! Score! However, I did not remember to pick anything up for Rosalind as a gift or the fact that every year since she could pour we have made cupcakes together. I sent Sergio out at work today to get her a book and small stuffy. I let her pick a cake mix and frosting (yellow cake and lemon frosting and I’m not really that excited by this combo) on the way home. Only after getting home did I realize that I don’t own cupcake pans. I guess I always get the disposable kinds? So we’re making a round layer cake instead. With sprinkles. I also appreciate that not a single teacher so far in Alaska has asked Rosalind to build a shoebox mailbox at home. I see these amazing parents that clearly made their kids boxes for them helped their kids make awesome boxes, and I applaud that, but I am NOT sad to be missing out on that task each year. I should also mention here that after being really proud of myself for getting Sergio the ever so romantic bonsai plant last year and saying I would do better with this holiday from now on…nope. Sergio and I are back to the status quo of just waiting around until our anniversary next month to break out the romance. At least I have three or so ideas for gifts all ready to go because I never remembered to order them in time for today.

All in all, not a bad Valentine’s Day in the Barron household. We pulled it together just enough to be functional! I hope you all were at least, if not more, successful than we are today! I’m off to make some nachos for our dinner and follow it with weird lemony yellow cake with too many sprinkles. Not too shabby.

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