Word Vomit. Aptly Titled.

Guess what I’m accomplishing right at this moment! Holding food in my stomach! I’m so talented! If you had seen me yesterday, you would know what an accomplishment this is for me. I don’t know what devil virus I caught, but it was vicious. Unfortunately, the signs that I was going to be sick did not fully kick in until I was walking out the door for work. I was puking in the staff lounge bathroom by second period while I waited for a sub to show up. Viruses should at least be considerate enough to kick in BEFORE you go to work.

Anyway, the few times yesterday that I could keep myself out of the bathroom AND awake I had some time to watch tv. I avoided my phone as much as humanly possible. Increasingly it is too much political information to take in and add to that all of the FOOD on every possible site you go on, and I couldn’t even look at my phone. If it wasn’t the new terrible things happening in the country then it was videos of herbed goat cheese dip going by my Instagram or ice box cake on my Facebook or guacamole recipes on blogs I read. You know what I had less than zero interest in yesterday? Food.

Our satellite dish has been covered in snow for three weeks resulting in total signal loss. It turns out that just waiting it out does nothing to clear your satellite dish of snow. Our landlord came out today and climbed up a ladder and cleaned it for us. As for yesterday, I stuck with Netflix. I found myself watching the first full season of Crazyhead. In at least two episodes one of the characters eats people, so I don’t know why I was okay with that when I couldn’t stand to see regular food, but there you go. I finished the series this morning. If you were a Buffy fan, like British tv, and don’t mind inappropriate humor, then this show might be for you.  It was a welcome distraction in an otherwise horrible day.

The other sign that I am on the mend is that Eliot has moved over on the couch. It took me a while to notice yesterday, but Eliot kept standing, sitting, laying right on top of me wherever I went. Not just like being near me. He was always properly sitting right on top of me even in the most awkward moments. He stayed draped over me all morning until my two hour sweating jag was over. As soon as it was over and I felt a little hungry, he moved right over and slept elsewhere. Sort of sweet. Sort of strange.

That’s enough on that topic. Here are some pictures of Rosalind working through the model portion of her next school project. She liked this part more than the writing the paper part.

Here is a picture of Rolo’s new “reading spot” otherwise known as the cushion from her papasan chair stuffed into her closet. She’s very proud of what she’s done here.


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