Holiday Check In

Here is a small peak at what we have been up to while we are here although it’s missing time with friends and Sergio’s family because I am bad at remembering to take pictures.

This batch includes yummy tostadas from my mother-in-law, cuddling with Greta, Christmas Eve blind box opening, Rolo’s Christmas morning where Santa delivered on her biggest request (Slinky), the remainder of Christmas day that spread out pleasantly as more and more family showed  up, and hiking Pinnacle with the kids. This is not all we’ve been up to, but we haven’t been on top of taking pictures. I DO have a cute video of some karaoke singing wherein all the women in the house didn’t need the words to “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid and provided backup vocals to Rosalind while Vivi, Sammy, Jack, and maaaaybbbbeeee Will danced around or tried to escape the room from shame. I imagine my friends would prefer I keep that video to myself. It is very cute though.

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