Avoidance Writing

We are in full countdown mode to leaving for the holidays. Normally I just mean that we are counting down the days until we get to see family and friends, but this time I mean that we are counting down the minutes we have left to get everything done. There are not enough minutes!

I spent the majority of the weekend cleaning the house in the way that you only do when a stranger is going to come live in it with your dog, and you worry that they are going to judge you for not knowing you had dust on that corner baseboard behind the bed. The house was waaaaayyyy overdue for a deep cleaning. It took forever. In fact, we are still doing necessary laundry to complete the task. Now we are all in that mode where we don’t want to touch anything or use anything or mess anything up. We also have zero food in the cabinets except what we bought specifically for the house sitter and can’t touch. We are simultaneously hoping for enough time to get everything done and wishing the time away.

What is left? Organizing the packing. Packing. Charging devices. Downloading content onto devices. Charging additional charging devices. Checking into our flights. Re-cleaning the house from a day and a half of new dirt and the disorganization of packing. Two days of work for both of us. Two days of school for Rolo. Getting all of my grades in. Getting sub plans done for Jan. 5th. Cleaning up my classroom. Meetings. Hearings. Making notes for the pet sitter….

There is more on that list, but I suppose you get the idea.

Let’s not talk about the other end of the traveling either. The days between landing and Christmas are crammed full of activity as well. The difference to that side is that I am looking forward to every bit of it minus the wrapping marathon that awaits.

And just in case you are worried about my level of stress or my whining or whatever, notice that I decided to write this post rather than grade papers or write sub plans. It can’t be too bad if I am still procrastinating. If you could see through my body into whatever makes up who I am as a person, I’m pretty sure all you would find are equal parts caffeine and procrastination.

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