Pictures and Pictures and Pictures

We took our second annual trip to the North Pole Santa Claus house. This Santa remains legit. You can see that Rolo has fully adapted to being Alaskan because we went after school, and she didn’t even notice she was still wearing her snow pants under her dress to meet Santa.

She asked for a metal slinky. That’s it. I have little doubt that Santa will be able to deliver on that request.

I have been working recently to find old accounts, and when I find them, to then also find my old login info. I’m having no luck with the second part of that equation. However, I was able to find my old flickr (2006-2008) account recently. I can’t get into the account anymore, but it is allowing me to download my old pictures off of the page. Here are some that I’ve managed to get saved so far. Let’s see who can tell Newborn David from Newborn Emma.

I didn’t realize how much Eliot has aged until I saw this old account. He was just a little bundle of curls. Sniff.


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