Things That Are Stupid. Things That Are Not.


We’re going to pick up the truck this afternoon. It is running now. That is all I am willing to say about that at this point because the “answer” made me briefly lose my grip with sanity. Just momentarily but the general outcome is that cars are stupid.

Rolo had her consultation with an orthodontist yesterday because she has no room in her mouth for new teeth and a big cross bite. It is not a surprise to find that they want her in spacers and upper braces as the FIRST STEP. They aren’t even going to worry about her coming-in-somewhat-sideways bottom teeth at this point. So that’s exciting. No wait, I meant nightmarish. I don’t really want to stick a pokey stick into my kids mouth every night for a year to turn a key on a contraption to make her bones separate. Do you? But we are. Starting in January. Teeth are stupid.

All necessary but problematic and expensive things are stupid. Like toilet paper.

Weird side note – the lady that walked us through the whole spacers/braces thing is from Oklahoma. Her sister lives in NWA and worked at the same hospital as my grandmother at possibly the same time. These sorts of interactions are not as uncommon as you might think. For some reason, we run into a lot of Arkansas connections all over Alaska.

Okay, let’s end on high notes. Despite my continued complaining there are high notes.

  • Everyone offered help while the truck was broken. Everyone checked to make sure I had a ride, offered advice and extra extension cords and jumper cables. They stood outside with me and called relatives to see if they had the ability to bring heaters or flat beds or you name it.
  • While it’s never fun to have a broken car and cause your husband lots of daily inconvenience, it’s not as though we were ever actually stranded or financially overburdened by this event. I got a rental car. We paid for a mechanic. It was just inconvenience and nothing more.
  • It hasn’t snowed since picking up my rental car, so when I return it today I won’t have to drive to Fairbanks with fresh snow on the roads!
  • The tow truck driver felt bad when he realized that I was having him tow my car for the second time in three days and gave me a discount!
  • We both had nice long phone calls with our dads!
  • There are only nine school days left with students!
  • There are only 13 days until we fly home for the holidays!

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