Circuits, Ballet, and Automobiles

Updates on the truck: Still working on it. Bringing it home and thawing it out did not produce the magic results we were hoping for. I went into Fairbanks this morning and picked up a rental car for the week. This marks the very first time I have ever driven myself from Fairbanks to North Pole once snow was on the ground. I don’t know where my plans to live in a city and not own a car went off the rails so hard that I now live in rural Alaska and have to drive in the snow, but they definitely swerved somewhere. Anyway, the truck is about to undergo another tow trip less than two miles down the exact road I live on to be looked at by a mechanic. Keep your fingers crossed that it is fixable because even though I am actually getting a kick out of the little Chrysler they gave me, it’s not sustainable to keep renting a car past this week.

Other updates: I took Rolo to see The Nutcracker ballet.


If this just looks like a picture of us in a high school cafeteria, that’s because it is. The best auditorium in Fairbanks seems to be at the largest high school. I’m not being snarky. The school really does have a large auditorium and stage. It’s where we have all of our district-wide inservices. The ballet itself was put on by the local ballet school and was more professional than you are thinking by a long shot, but still quite a bit less professional than my first experience at The Nutcracker ballet at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. Rolo did NOT care. She really loves the theater. We have yet to get her to a really professional production, but she has been to enough very good productions for me to know that she shares my appreciation for watching things on a stage. I had more fun watching her watch the ballet than anything else. The giant lady with the surprise children under her dress never fails to delight. When the Nutcracker stabbed the Mouse King, Rosalind’s arms shot straight up in the universal VICTORY sign.

Rosalind got a gift in the mail last week, and the whole family was excited. I have wanted this set for her since she was far to young to appreciate it, and I guess Granny and Pa must have thought the same thing. She has made several of the items you can create out of the set, but THIS one is a complete AM radio. I heard a mysterious screeching noise and looked down to find my child had made like a whole real thing! Downstairs we can pull in some Christmas carols on one end of the dial, and upstairs we can pull in a Southern Baptist station. If you still have an 8-12 year old to buy for, you should buy them this!


Fun Facts That I Just Learned This Week:

  • If it hits -30 then Girl Scouts is canceled.
  • If it hits -45 then I have to turn my rental car back in immediately.
  • It’s not just my truck. Once it gets this cold all the things break. Cars, wells, houses, and one of the giant candy cane light posts in town. You name it and we know somebody struggling with it this week.

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