November Goes Out Like A Jerkface

I guess it got tired of all the trash I talk about it, so November took one more shot at me before bowing out for 2016.

After my frozen hands debacle, I decided I would go out and warm my car up about twenty minutes before I left yesterday. I had to get up and leave a meeting to do so which shows how committed I was. I hate people looking at me in a meeting. When I got outside and tried to start my car, it just couldn’t quite manage. It was soooooo close. I checked my plug to see what was going on and found that it was not glowing orange. I checked the outlet. Tripped.

We’ve been told the parking lot outlets are all fixed this year and that they don’t trip anymore. Lies. My car had not been warming up at all. Not for the whole day. I changed the plug over to one that was working, ran back inside to make frantic calls to Sergio to pick us up and then to our daycare provider to please bring my child in off the bus. I hoped that if I just waited it out that the engine block or whatever would warm back up in about an hour.

I decided to go back down about 30 minutes later to make sure everything was still working and to go ahead and give it another shot. As soon as I got close enough to the car I realized that something was amiss. That’s when I remembered. Our parking lot provides 15 minutes of electricity to one side at a time. No matter how long I waited, my car was only going to get electricity in 15 minute increments. It had been sitting in negative twenties all day. I didn’t have much hope that it was going to thaw through this method.

We left it overnight and hoped that perhaps it would work this morning. Nope. As I type this, it sits like a big frozen lump in the parking lot still. It’s still plugged up. It still turns over but just can’t quite catch. Nobody has many good ideas to give me outside of tow it or wait until it gets warm. I think they mean above zero, but I fear they mean above freezing. Well…right at this moment is as good as it’s going to get for a while.


Thanks, November in Alaska. You’ve been a real treat. As always.

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