Day Thirty

I have a Christmas idea for the few people who read this blog and also buy me Christmas presents and ALSO don’t have any ideas for me as of yet! Let’s see if you can figure out what it is from my anecdote.

I made a series of extremely poor decisions yesterday. The first thing I did was decide that -30 degrees is probably not all that different from -10 degree days. The second, third, fourth, and fifth poor decisions all boil down to deciding over and over again that I didn’t have time at that moment to run out and start my truck to let it warm up before I had to go get Rolo from school. I actually do that almost every day, the not warming up my car thing. It’s cold and all, but I just bundle up. About the time I pull into the parking lot of her school the vents start sputtering something resembling warm air.

I made it about two and half minutes down the road yesterday when I realized I couldn’t bend my fingers. I had gloves on, but the steering wheel was just ungodly cold. I kept trying to hold it with just my palms and wait out the heater. Finally I took off my gloves to find shriveled red and blackish fingers. At this point I did the only thing left available to me and my stupidity. I took one frozen block hand at a time and stuck it down the collar of my five layers of shirts and jackets and planted it right on my toasty back skin. When I got that area of skin all cold and useless, I moved to my warm belly skin. It worked remarkably well and fast, but alas, I could only alternate hands one at a time off the steering wheel. Everything worked out fine, but I was surprised to find it took about three hours for my hands to quit tingling. I think that my heart went into a panic and just kept pumping too much blood to my fingers for the next little bit until it realized I wasn’t going to succumb to my own stupidity.

Seeing as how nobody can gift me with common sense for Christmas, I would appreciate some sort of steering wheel cover instead. That’a a thing that exists, right? It turns out that it takes my frozen solid steering wheel (which was creaking and moaning in the cold each time I moved it) far longer to defrost than I am ever actually in the truck. Perhaps some sort of furry cover? Something that absorbs and holds heat? Is there a heated kind?!! If not, let’s make that happen.

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