Day Twenty Seven

Most of my favorite instagram accounts, outside of close friends, are extremely well-curated to make the subject’s life look good. I mean like magazine goooooood. I don’t instagram much. Perhaps because there is no corner of my home organized enough to “curate” a photo and make it seem picturesque. Let’s analyze my life through what can be seen in this photo from Thanksgiving night.

1. Most of us didn’t change out of workout clothes/pajamas all day.

2. Our additional chair is covered in clean and folded laundry that I didn’t put away until the next day.

3. Rather than clear off additional seating space, we just piled all crampy on the couch.

4. Sergio is using one of my favorite decorative pillows as a real pillow. Sigh.

5. The desk in the background that perpetually needs organizing and straightening is on display. Even if we just got it all organized a few minutes ago, it will inevitably look like this the next time we glance back. Why? Dark magic is afoot.

6. Behind the desk you can clearly see that I still have some Halloween decorations up while simultaneously the Christmas tree glows in the window reflection.

7. The edge of the Christmas decor box is showing, proving that I haven’t decided whether I want to do anything with what is left inside but also haven’t closed it and put it back in the garage.

8. I have strategically only shown a sliver of my face to inexpertly hide the massive zit on my chin.

We are lifestyle goals!

One thought on “Day Twenty Seven

  1. Love the couch and chair and all the peoples on it! The laundry looks soooooooo familiar to me, though it would take a miracle to remain that neatly folders out in the open for more than 10 mins. 😜

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