Day Twenty Six

Why is it still November? Thanksgiving is over. Gilmore Girls was released. Be done now! Be done before you take out anymore good people or cause more bad events. Oh, too late. Ron Glass died today.

 Good job, bad month. Your streak continues. 

Anyway, the last two days have been filled with the latest pop culture for us. I watched all sixish hours of the new Gilmore Girls episodes yesterday. It may not have been as perfectly tied up with a bow as I would have liked, but overall I was just happy to be back in Stars Hollow with Sookie and Lane and Paris (none of which is a Gilmore Girl). Sergio nearly had a fit at the way it ended though, so fair warning. 

Today we took Rolo to see Moana. Strong recommend from all three of us. Rosalind was especially pleased with the humor. 

We went into Wal-Mart today for our weekly water cooler jug refill and found that Black Friday just isn’t the same here. They had all the deals that didn’t sell yesterday right at the door. I don’t do Black Friday shopping, but I’ve always understood that nothing is left over. I mean, don’t some people die during this mess each year? I just didn’t expect piles of electronics to be left over the next day after everything I’ve heard about how it all goes down. Anyway, we ended up picking up some DVD’s, a video game, and two pillows for just a few bucks. I hate being sucked into what I think of as a pretty terrible thing. I’m a weak person. A weak person that needed two more pillows. 

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